Transmission Service

Solving Your Car’s
Transmission Problems

Transmission Service: Flush, Fill, & Repair

If there is anything that keeps your gearbox in superb condition, it's the transmission fluid. Lubricating the gears, keeping the system cool, ease in gear shifting, it surely has one important job to perform. And like everything, this one has a limited lifeline too, after which it needs to be replenished. A timely fluid change will not only save your vehicle from premature wear and tear, but will also increase the performance of the transmission.

Here is a summary of services related to the transmission in your vehicle

Automatic Transmission Flush and Fill

So before the fluid starts to deplete its lubricant properties, prepare for its flush and fill service. The new transmission fluid keeps the internal components cool as well as clean and also aids in maintaining the hydraulic pressure. Flushing washes away tiny metal shavings and clutch particles and filling improves the holding power of the friction parts and reduces heat.

The process is as follows:

  • Evacuating the old fluid from the transmission system
  • Removing and examining the pan
  • Replacing the old transmission filter with the new one
  • Removing the old gasket and placing a new one and reinstalling the pan
  • Filling the new transmission fluid to the proper level
  • Automatic Transmission Repair

Other kinds of repair include components replacement, transmission malfunctioning, and other repair jobs.

At JDAutoRepairService, we have what it takes to answer every transmission problem that emanates from your vehicle. Bring us your car if you want your transmission oil to be changed by a professional. We will also conduct a few crisp checkups to make sure that your transmission never fails.