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Tire Rotation

For every some thousand miles of driving, you should rotate the tires of your automobile, i.e., the front ones goes to the back and vice versa. The practice is known as tire rotation and is a great way of using your tires to an optimum point. That helps an even wearing of your tire treads and makes them last longer.

The science behind

Rim and tire of a vehicle are of an equal circle and spin constantly in one direction. Due to consistent turning and oscillation, the front set of tires in every automobile wears faster as compared to the rear ones. As a result, the weight of the tires gets transferred more on the front tires. This unequal distribution of weight causes a vibration while driving. While this might not be felt at slower speeds, the wheel will start hopping off once the car reaches a certain speed, say 50.

Other than tire wearing, this might also cause..

  • Wheel imbalance
  • Wearing of the steering/suspension parts

Wheel Balancing

An equal weight distribution adds balance to the wheels. Variation in it will make the tires wear even faster. Rotating the front one with the back gives the tire a break. Some benefits of doing it are:

  • Let's the tires wear evenly
  • Traction control gives the tires more power
  • How can we help?

At JDAutoRepairService, we will take care of the following needs:

  • Tire rotation - regular or cross-rotation
  • Reset tire pressure
  • Inspection of wear patterns

Changing the rear tires with the front ones can make them last as long as a new set of tires. These small and basic maintenance steps can be highly profitable for your pocket.