Radiator Flush and Fill

Flush and Fill Your Vehicle's Cooling System

The radiator is a vital component of a vehicle that aids in keeping the engine cool. It keeps the engine protected from the extreme heat that is generated when the engine is running. Flushing it regularly prevents the building of sludge inside the pipes that can otherwise obstruct the flow of the coolant. This helps the machine retain its performance and improves its longevity.

The process is extremely simple and a do-it-yourself thing. Follow the given procedure to carry out a radiator flush and fill:

  • Make sure the engine is in its coolest condition
  • Place a container where you can drain the existing fluid
  • Open the drain valve. Let the liquid drain completely till you see only few drops remaining
  • Flush the system with a radiator cleaner to remove the rust and corrosive deposits, if any
  • Fasten the valve tightly
  • Refill the system with a coolant that has an ideal mixture of water and antifreeze
  • Start the engine leaving the cap off for 15-20 minutes, so that the air voids exits the radiator

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