Power Steering Flush

Power Steering Flush Services for Your Vehicle

Automobiles with power steering system is a common scene nowadays. This system is basically designed for a comfortable driving while turning or changing direction of vehicle at low speeds.

The tires and wheels of present automobiles are comparatively larger, heavier and wider. Without the power steering mechanism, these tires would be difficult to turn. In this mechanism, you find a connection between steering and wheels of a vehicle through a hydraulic cylinder.

How Does It Work:

The hydraulic cylinder pressurizes the power steering fluid to move to the gear box called as rack and pinion. This uses the high pressure fluid to easily turn the wheels as per movement of steering by driver. Unlike an engine and other system, you do not find a filter to keep the fluid clean although extent of wear here is comparatively low. But, with passage of time and frequent use of the fluid, your vehicle needs cleaning of the fluid for better output.

Power Steering Flush:

Specially formulated blend of anti-wear ingredients, antioxidants and seal conditioners are used to protect the steering system from bad effects of heat and wear, contamination of burnt fluids and other byproducts.

If power steering system of your vehicle is not properly checked an If the power steering system of your vehicle is not properly checked and cleaned when necessary, then it may face following adverse conditions.

  • Pump Noise
  • Uncomfortable Steering
  • Seal Failure in Pumps and Steering Racks
  • Breakdown of steering system

We, at JDAutoRepairService always ensure a clean steering fluid and efficient power system for your vehicle. Keep enjoying the power of your vehicle with our affordable power steering flush.