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Fuel Systems Cleaning

Fuel Systems Cleaning Services

A fuel system cleaning service aids in improving your engine and fuel efficiency. A clean combustion and fuel chamber restore the performance of your vehicle and certainly increases gas mileage.

Does your car actually need it?

'Highly', is the answer. Ascertaining the quality of the gas is impossible. A poor quality gas causes:

  • Deposits buildup
  • Inefficient ignition
  • Incomplete combustion
  • Low power output

Even if the fuel is of a better quality, the deposits are certain to appear after a prolonged period of time. For new makes and models that are too sensitive to these deposits, it will lead to an increase in exhaust emissions, engine knock, decrease in fuel efficiency and drivability issues.

How can we help?

The team at JDAutoRepairService perform the fuel system cleaning in three simple steps:

  • Cleaning the fuel injector - A baseline flow pattern and capacity test of the fuel injectors
  • Fuel treatment system - Using a recommended, high quality pour-in injector cleaning agent that would clear all the accumulated deposits and dirts
  • Entire fuel system cleaning and treatment - Have the automobiles' injectors re-serviced and check its final performance.

To know whether your system needs cleaning or not, stop by at our auto repair service center. We will be happy to check it for you and to clear your doubts, if any.

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