Fuel Injector Cleaning

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Fuel Injector Cleaning is Critical for Automobiles Fuel Injection System:

Fuel injection system is a new form of carburetor that was used in older automobiles. It admits fuel into an internal combustion engine and plays a major role in the smooth running of a vehicle. An injection system consists of fuel pump, sensors, pressure regulator and automatic engine control unit. These parts maintain a balance of pressure and fuel-to-air ratio for optimal performance of a vehicle.

Necessity of Fuel Injection Cleaning:

A fuel injection system requires cleaning at a regular interval for improved efficiency, engine power, and cost saving. Carbon deposits accumulate at the nozzle of injector due to the continuous burning of fuel. Also, consistent use of cheap or substandard fuel, poor maintenance and rough driving increase the level of carbon deposits in an injector.

An uncleaned fuel injector with carbon build-up may have following irregularities.

  • Frequent fuel leak
  • Unnecessary wastage in form of unburned fuel
  • Untimely malfunction of injector requiring replacement
  • Damage to the engine

Cleaning at Expert Hand:

The process of cleaning a fuel injection system in a vehicle requires proper care and technique. A pressurized cleaning solvent is run through the system to wash away carbon deposits that may badly affect functioning of the injector.

There are different fuel injection systems based on the type of fuel and designs such as single point or throttle body and multi-point or sequential fuel.

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