Engine Repair and Maintenance

How to Keep Your Engine Healthy and Efficient?

It's time for engine diagnostic if, your vehicle's engine is idle, pings or knocks on acceleration, gives poor mileage, sounds abnormal while starting, etc. These are the normal indicators that needs immediate repair for keeping the engine healthy. The engine is called as your vehicle's heart and it needs the best maintenance service form the knowledgeable, educated and expert automotive technicians. Else, get ready to pay big for engine replacement or upgradation.

At "JD Full Service Auto Repair" we inspect the engine in detail and provide complete engine care that encompasses,

  • Fuel pumps
  • Emission control system
  • Engine sensors
  • Fuel Injectors and all other areas.

We have certified technicians who will check everything and will answer your questions. Whatever may the model or make of your vehicle, our experts can diagnose the engine efficiently and can perform engine repair to a major overhaul, rebuild or just an engine replacement.

Whatever may be the problem with your vehicle's engine, just dial (770) 473-9993 or you can send faxes at (770) 471-9308. You can also bring your vehicle directly to us.