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Air Conditioner

Are You Getting Cold Shoulder from Your Vehicle's A/C?

Air conditioning system in your vehicle is based on three major components like, compressor, evaporator and condenser. These components circulate refrigerant and maintains the temperature inside your vehicle. These components also need maintenance in order to avoid cracking and drying out. So, a regular check up should be carried out for protecting the engine along with other components. In case you face the problem of leaky valves or blockages, it should be immediately taken to an expert. Maintaining your vehicle's A/C lowers the risk of premature compressor failure and allows to set desired temperature inside the cabin.

Trust JD Full Service Auto Repair Service:

With over 20 years of industry expertise, we provide air conditioning repair service by our certified technicians who test and repair the system refrigerant, lubrication levels and interior cooling ability. Our technicians are well equipped and use advanced technology to fix the A/Cs climate control issue. If your vehicle A/C is not working properly, don't sweat it. Visit JD Full Service Auto Repair service and let the technicians do the rest job for you. Remember, at any time you feel that your vehicle's interior cooling has gone down, test it at our service center for an industry standard solution.